Newcastle Juggling Convention

January 26 – 29 2017

About Us

Newcastle Juggling Convention 2017 is 3rd annual event held by Circus Avalon in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia. NJC brings jugglers and alike from across the country for non-stop object manipulating fun!

Day & Night

At NJC the juggling never stops! With 24 hour access to some venues in a fully secured site.

Special Guest

International juggling sensation Thom Wall will make his Aussie convention debute, right here in Newcastle!

New Location

All new location, ultra high ceilings indoor and outdoor spaces and dont for get the Circus Avalon big top 24hours!


Thom Wall from Cirque du Soleil

A “Master of Modern Vaudeville,” Thom Wall has wowed audiences around the globe. With a sharp wit and sharper knives, Thom juggles, balances, and dives his way through exciting and fast-paced acts that astonish and amaze. As one of the last great American gentleman jugglers, Thom presents an elegant show with nuanced comedy and some of the most unusual tricks seen today. Thom is a complete variety performer, finely tailoring each performance to engage and surprise his audience, resulting in a unique and refreshing experience each time.

Thom is a graduate of the New England Center for Circus Arts (NECCA) in Brattleboro, Vermont. When not on tour, he coaches aspiring circus artists at NECCA and regularly teaches workshops worldwide.


Registration opens

Welcoming, sign in and start juggling.


Beginner Juggling & Diabolo – Circus Avalon

Beginner Aerials (silks, ring) – Circus Avalon

Adagio beginner to advanced – Circus Avalon

Welcome Lunch provided

My First Passing Trick

* My First Passing Trick (begintermediate passing, teaching four variants of the double throw) - Julian Orbach

Ring passing & ball passing

With Joe & Byron


Anything Can be a Hand – Thom Wall

Anything Can be a Hand  - An exploration of body placements using a creative application of siteswap. Thom Wall

Passing patterns for large groups of people – Julian Orbach

Open juggling

Beginner Juggling & Diabolo – Circus Avalon

Adagio beginner to advanced – Circus Avalon

intermediate/advanced single diabolo

Hamish Smithers

Creative club manipulation

With Joe & Byron

Patterns That Hurt The Brain

Patterns That Hurt The Brain (intermediate-to-advanced passing patterns, where the actual throws are not difficult, but it is difficult to keep track of the rhythms, so it is a brain-workout) Julian Orbach

Advanced 2 diabolo – Hamish Smithers

advanced 2 diabolo for people who already know how to do 2 diabolos. Hamish Smithers


Understanding Site Swapping

Understanding Site Swapping Michael Hendrickson

Public show

Public show rehearsal (in tent)

Beginner passing – Circus Avalon


spins/360s/pirouettes for Clubs, diabolo or any other any prop. - Kenny Cheung


Juggling, Balancing, and Juggling and Balancing – Thom Wall

Juggling, Balancing, and Juggling and Balancing  - Tips, tricks, and exercises to learn how to balance while juggling! Thom Wall


Juggling Olympics

Renegade Show

The Lucky - King Street, Newcastle

Beginner Aerials (silks & ring) – Circus Avalon

End of NJC 2017


Open Training


All new venue with ultra-high ceilings. Indoor, outdoors spaces & the 24hour access bigtop!

Callaghan College Waratah Technology Campus

Callaghan College Waratah Technology Campus, Turton Road
Waratah, NSW 2298

Circus Avalon